January 24, 2022


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Lost in Random is a card-powered action adventure with an offbeat sense of humor

The two heroes of Lost in Random are Even, a young girl trying to rescue her older sister Odd, and Dicey, a living six-sided die who is supposed to be dead. Dice have the power to shape people’s fate, and the same Evil Queen who stole away Odd has worked very hard to make sure she’s the only one who holds that power. It sounds grim, and it is, but Lost and Random is always at least a little bit whimsical.

Lost in Random’s world has a built-by-hand look, like you’re guiding Even through a lovingly crafted puppeteering stage: “with the budget we got for Lost in Random, we could of course make close to AAA graphics, but instead of making something hyper-realistic, we really wanted to push this crafted style even more. We always wanted to do more stop-motion stuff, it’s one of Klaus’ original inspirations with Zoink [Games], and what we really wanted to keep pushing,” creative director and lead writer Olov Redmalm tells me.