October 24, 2021


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Saints Row Remake’s First Gameplay Footage Looks Impressive

Image for article titled Your First Look At The New Saints Row In Action

Screenshot: Volition

The long-teased forthcoming Saints Row game isn’t a remake. It isn’t a remaster. It’s a totally different “re”—a re…boot. Developer Volition announced the news today at the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream. It’s called, simply, Saints Row, and it’s coming out for all platforms next February. Here’s a trailer:

Saints Row, once a relatively popular series of open-world games in the vein of Grand Theft Auto, has had a quiet few years. The last mainline game in the series, Saints Row IV, came out all the way back in 2013, a halcyon era in which two brand-new machines—the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4—stood poised to change how we play games. (Feel free to debate away on if they did.) Then came the 2015 standalone expansion, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Last year, publisher Deep Silver released a remastered version of Saints Row: The Third. It looked good, but felt so, so old.

Whispers around a new Saints Row game date back to 2019. But over the past week or so, they’ve ramped to a quiet yell, thanks to tweets from Geoff Keighley and the official Saint Row social media feeds. The official website for the series also listed a screenshot with the word “rebooting” plastered in the center. Kotaku’s Zack Zweizen noted that it probably has nothing to do with the Agents of Mayhem spinoff, which is set in an alternate timeline.

Like the prior games, this new Saints Row is an open-world action game. You play as members of a crime syndicate. You shoot guns and drives from a third-person perspective. It’s set in the American Southwest, and it’s full of explosions, fireworks, and neon colors. It looks all good fun. The game comes out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on February 25, 2022.