October 26, 2021


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Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine Adds Support for CD-ROM Gameplay

As if! ScummVM is bringing back the 90s, as a new update allows you to play classical old school CD-ROM games.


The 90s just seems to keep inspiring gaming, as ScummVM is set to bring back CD-ROM games.

Just like the jelly sandals, gaming with CD-ROMs seemed to be over at the end of the 90s. With more and more consoles being developed and released that no longer require the extensive loading time that CD-ROM games did, we began to see a steep decline in the production and distribution of CD-ROM games going into the 00’s. However, the gaming engine program, ScummVM, recently added support for Macromedia Director on August 17, which allows you to play those older CD-ROM games on your computer. Fans on Twitter have already begun expressing their joy for the ability to play some of their favorite old school games in a modern way. Unfortunately, not all games are currently compatible with the system. Currently, only “Director 2-based titles such as Spaceship Warlock” are said to be working.

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Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine – or ScummVM for short – was created October 8, 2001. The free-to-use program supports gaming engines through the use of virtual machines that allow you to play on your platform of choice. According to the ScummVM website, the software was originally created by “…reverse-engineering just the LucasArts SCUMM games”. However, it now supports a slew of games, including Amulet, Zork and King’s Quest.

Seems like the gaming community can’t get enough of the 90s as R&B group, All-4-One recently remixed their chart-topping hit “I Swear” for Xbox. Additionally, the Lucas franchise seems to be in the headlines a lot lately, as a trailer was recently released for Star Wars: Visions – an anime anthology. Star Wars: Visions is set to be released on Disney+ on September 22, 2021. Additionally, EA confirmed that it will continue to invest in the single-player action-adventure games – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

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