January 28, 2022


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Two Point Campus gives you control of the next generation of students and their world, god help them

Two Point Studios is taking you back to school with Two Point Campus, the follow-up to its ridiculously addictive Two Point Hospital management sim. You can expect all the same dad jokes and charming eccentricity from the world, but with your new role as a college manager, you’ll be getting even more involved in the lives of your students and staff.

One of the major changes that you’ll notice straight away is that unlike the patients of Two Point Hospital who, if you were doing your job well, were in and out quickly when cured, you’ll be looking after each class of students for much longer than the time it takes to remove a saucepan from someone’s head.

Two Point Campus

(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

“In Two Point Hospital there was a trait system and there were relationships being formed between staff members, usually, but you’d never really got to see enough of it, and you rarely saw it from the patients, because they came in to get a diagnosis, they were treated and they left,” explains studio director Gary Carr.