October 22, 2021


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Savior Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay

According to Tracy, the combat system in “Savior” takes inspiration from “Punch-Out!!,” the boxing game that released for the NES in 1987. The team wanted to make battles as clean and realistic as possible, giving Sam and some of the NPCs the ability to strike, block, and dodge. Based on the Kickstarter campaign description, you also have to contend with some sort of stamina gauge and perfectly timed blocks let you execute a counter-attack. Most notably, the opponents you encounter all have distinct tells and patterns, which you can memorize and use to your advantage.

While aspects of the movement in “Savior” resemble other action-adventure games, Starsoft is banking on the parkour system to help its project stand out from the crowd. Players can execute a number of movement commands like wall jumps, ledge grabs, dashes, and rolls, allowing them to traverse Arcadia with “a unique and satisfying fluidity” reflected through special animations. Given the open-world setting, this could make exploration and revisiting the same areas far less tedious than the approaches used in similar titles.

“Savior” is about more than just fighting and traversal techniques — it wrestles with themes like the pitfalls of organized religion, the power of empathy and finding common ground, and the difficult but crucial process of healing old wounds. You see this on a personal level through Sam’s search for identity and lost memories; it’s also reflected on a much larger scale through her efforts to resolve the centuries old cold war between the Chosen and the Fallen. As you complete quests and convert NPCs to your cause, Sam’s reputation grows, unlocking access to discounts, special equipment, and increasing your influence over the fate of Arcadia.